IB Computer Science Resources

On this website you can find revision material for the IB Computer Science course, following the sylllabus from 2014. The content should be considered a starting point for further research or as a revision guide and is by no means complete.

If you'd like to contribute changes or additions, please have a look at the GitHub repository.

Information by topic:

Topic 1 - System Fundamentals

Systems do not only need to work from the technical perspective, but also need to be appropriate for a given suitation. System fundamentals looks at the considerations that need to be taken when installing a new system, the design cycle of developing a cycle and more.

Topic 5 - Abstract data structures [HL]

This topic looks at the most common data structures, including arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists and binary trees. In addition to the basic principles of each data structure, some basic data processing operations are covered. As in topic 4, algorithms follow no specific programming language, but are described through flow charts or pseudo code.

Topic 6 - Resource Management [HL]

This topic looks at different resources in computer systems and how they are manage. This includes the role of the OS and limitations that may arise from a lack of resources.

Topic 7 - Control systems [HL]

This topic looks at centralized and distributed control systems, including GPS, taxi meters, heating systems, traffic lights and more. These are evaluated on sensor input, processing, output and feedback. The range of systems discussed here is not necessarily completed and further research is strongly recommended.

Option C - Web Science

This topic looks at the main characteristics of the web, including web technologies, protocols and different types of websites. You also learn about how search engines work, about possible future developments of the web, and more.

Case Study 2017

The IB Computer Science case study for 2017 is about computer science in medicine. This is a list of definitions as suggested in the guide and some additional information.

As the Paper 3 is based on self study, there is no guarantee for this topic to be complete.

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