Hi, my name is Miguel!

I’m a May 2017 IB Diploma graduate from an international school in Guangzhou, China. Most importantly, I’m passionate about computers and programming, which is why I chose Computer Science HL as one of my subjects. As there were no official textbooks for the course at the time, most of my studies in the subject consisted of researching the information required by the syllabus. While there are great resources out there, I want to contribute to the community by extending these resources from my own findings.

I tried to include as much relevant information as possible, but there is no guarantee for it to be complete. I also tried to include links to resources for further reading. The content consists of a mixture of class and revision notes. Credits go to my class mates, who greatly contributed to big part of the notes.

The project is currently discontinued, as I graduated.

Please feel free to contact me for feedback for improvements or contributions at [email protected].

This being said, enjoy! :)