Privacy policy

As the creator of this website, I want to learn about how my audience interacts with it and the content, so that I can improve on it as much as possible.

For this reason, uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool that records data about visitors to provide a deeper insight into the website's audience.

What data are being tracked?

  • How you arrived at this website
  • What pages you visit and for how long
  • What computer system you use
  • And a bit more

What are these data used for?

Google Analytics provides me a way to understand which topics are most needed, allowing me to focus on improving those. It also helps me to see if the website audience grows - and how important last minute revision is for IB students.

At no point does this information contain any personally identifying data and all activity is within the Google Analytics Terms of Service

Opting out

If you would not like Google Analytics to track such information from you, you always have the option to opt out.

Unfortunately, as of now this website does not provide a method for this website only, but you can use the Google Ananalytics Opt-out Browser Add-on which will prevent Google Analytics to collect data from you on any website.