Topic 6 - Resource Management [HL]

This topic looks at different resources in computer systems and how they are manage. This includes the role of the OS and limitations that may arise from a lack of resources.

System resources

This section looks at what resources are necessary in a computer system and how this might differ between different computer systems. Furthermore, possible limitations and problems arising from resource management are discussed.

Secondary Storage Devices

This section compares the most common types of secondary storage devices.and their use cases.

Variety of computer systems

This section looks at a variety of computer systems and how they use different resources.

Multi-tasking and the OS

This section looks at different ways of how CPU time can be shared in order to multi-task.

OS types & Memory Management

This section looks at operating system types and different ways that the OS can manage program memory efficiently.

OS abstraction layers & embedded systems

This section looks at how the OS hides complexities of a system from the user. Embedded systems and advantages of a dedicated OS are also discussed.