Option C - Web Science

This topic looks at the main characteristics of the web, including web technologies, protocols and different types of websites. You also learn about how search engines work, about possible future developments of the web, and more.

C.1 Creating the web

Evolution of the web, different protocols and web technologies. Difference between static and dynamic web pages. External data sources. Role of the browser.

C.2 Searching the web

How search engines work and how websites can be optimized for searches.

C.3 Distributed approaches to the web

Different distributed system types and its role for future developments.

C.4 The evolving web

Use of cloud computing and issues concerning privacy, intellectual property and more.

C.5 [HL] Analysing the web

How the web can be represented and analysed through graph theory

C.6 [HL] The intelligent web

How the web can be used for gathering collective intelligence, e.g. through the semantic web.