Case Study 2017

The IB Computer Science case study for 2017 is about computer science in medicine. This is a list of definitions as suggested in the guide and some additional information.

As the Paper 3 is based on self study, there is no guarantee for this topic to be complete.

Diagnosis systems

This sections looks at different systems used to aid diagnosis and treatment of patients, including DDSS and CDSS. In addition, different technologies used for such systems, for example fuzzy logic, are covered.

Electronic health records & bioinformatics

This sections looks at data included in electronic health records, applications of bioinformatics and predictive medicine.

Telemedicine and Internet of health things

This sections looks at telemedicine and the internet of health things (IoHT). Major concepts are telesurgery and the use of NFC and RFID for the IoHT.

Medical Imagery

Medical imagery ranges from existing technologies like MRI, CT, ultrasound or sonograms to recent developments like augmented reality and robotic controlled surgery.